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Top 3 Oodie Alternatives: Perfect Cozy Gifts for Christmas 2023

Are you racking your brain for that perfect Christmas gift? Look no further! The original "Oodie" is more than just a popular item—it's a cozy trend that's sweeping the nation. This oversized, plush wearable blanket offers unmatched comfort perfect for those lazy winter evenings. But if everyone you know already has one or you're looking for a more wallet-friendly alternative, don't fret! We've prepared a curated list of the top Oodie alternatives for you to consider this holiday season. 

Below, you'll find a diverse lineup of Oodie alternatives that promises warmth, comfort, and style. Whether you're gifting for a fashion-conscious teen, a comfort-loving grandparent, or anyone in between, these comfy alternatives have got you covered.

TheCoories Canadian Blanket Hoodies

If you're on the lookout for Oodie alternatives in Canada, this local brand may just hit the spot. TheCoories Canadian Blanket Hoodies match comfort with craftsmanship, designed to keep you warm even on the coldest Canadian winter nights. 

With TheCoories, versatility meets coziness. Their blanket hoodies are made from ultra-soft plush fleece, perfectly designed to battle against the chilling winter season. Imagine wrapping up in one of these after a long day of activities; it's akin to having a warm, snuggly hug that lasts for hours! 

TheCoories Canadian Blanket Hoodies provide a stylish twist on comfort, boasting an impressive range of unique and attractive patterns. From cute pandas to the purple vino (wine) design, they cater to everyone's taste. They even have options for those who prefer solid colors like grey, beige, navy blue... Giving a special Oodie alternative from TheCoories as a Christmas gift is not just cozy, but also shows your thoughtfulness and adds a personal touch.


Here are some added perks from getting a Coories from TheCoories:

  • Amazing Deals!
  • Ships from Quebec, Canada.
  • Free Shipping in Canada.
  • French and English Customer Service!

So if you're someone who values local brands and is looking for a gift that screams comfort and thoughtfulness, TheCoories Canadian Blanket Hoodies might be just the perfect pick for you this Christmas.

The Comfy 

Are you considering a cozy holiday gift? The Comfy could be a suitable choice. Placing comfort at the forefront, this wearable blanket, familiar to many through "Shark Tank", has been appreciated by those who love indulging in snug moments at home.


Curious about what sets The Comfy apart? Let's delve in: 

  • It's exclusively available in solid colors and simple designs.
  • The length is shorter compared to the Coories.
  • The Comfy can be purchased both in stores like Costco and online on platforms like their website or Amazon.
  • This hoodie blanket stands out due to its double-layer design which ensures extra warmth, though this could be too much for some folks.

The Snuggie

A timeless classic, the Snuggie is likely to be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of blanket hoodies. It is basically an oversized blanket with sleeves that allows you to keep your hands free while enveloping you in coziness - that's the Snuggie for you. Favored for its substantial size, it offers 360 degrees of warmth, providing fantastic comfort during those chilly winter seasons. 


There is a sense of familiarity with the Snuggie, probably because it has been around for quite some time and has been a popular alternative to the usual throw or blanket. Coming in a variety of colors and patterns, the Snuggie can cater to different aesthetic tastes and makes a neat and thoughtful gift for the holiday season.

But remember, while it offers considerable warmth and convenience, it might not have all the bells and whistles that some of the newer competitors boast. Every option has its pros and cons, and deciding which one to go for depends on what you value most.

Your time to choose one of these Oodie Alternatives

In conclusion, if you're searching for the perfect gift to share love, warmth, and comfort this holiday season, consider one of these exceptional Oodie alternatives. Among them, TheCoories Canadian Blanket Hoodies stand out for their unique, prestigious quality, making them a perfect choice for a truly special Christmas present. 

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