What is a blanket hoodie

Blanket Hoodies: What are They and Why People Love Them


What Is A Blanket Hoodie

Have you ever wondered what those oversized hoodies you see all over your social media and on the Internet are? 

Is it a blanket? Is it an oversized hoodie? In fact, it's both and it is called a blanket hoodie! 

A blanket hoodie, or hooded blanket, is a large and fluffy blanket sewn in the form of an oversized hoodie. It offers the softness and warmth of a blanket that you can wear as a hoodie. The comfort of a blanket is now way more versatile and mobile. 

Let's learn more about what was the original blanket hoodie, why people love them when to use them, and who should be looking to get one.

What Was The Original Oversized Blanket Hoodie?

The First Blanket Hoodie On Shark Tank

The original wearable blanket hoodie, called The Comfy, was created by two brothers from Arizona in April 2017.  The idea came to them by seeing their children using their dad’s sweatshirt to be warm and comfortable in front of the TV.

They wondered: “Do they make them in adult size?”, and their company, The Comfy, was formed. 

One month later, they appeared on national television on the show Shark Tank. They cut a deal with Barbara Corcoran and their business just exploded.

The Comfy was the first blanket hoodie

Since then we've seen multiple versions of blanket hoodies appear on the market. 

You may have heard about the Australian brand The Oodie which was launched in 2018 by 26 years-old Davie Fogarty. His brand grew exponentially during the covid lockdown and is on track to $200 million this year.

Whatever the brand of wearable blanket that interests you, owning one is like enjoying comfort, warmth, and happiness on the go.

Why People Love Blanket Hoodies

There are many reasons why those oversized blanket hoodies are so popular and why blanket hoodies are better than standard blankets.

1. Warm, Comfortable, and Soft

Whatever the brand or the model, the same principle applies: they make you feel like you're wearing a blanket. 

Blankets are blankets because they are warm & soft. They provide us with comfort and help us relax.  So if you love blankets, you're most likely to fall in love with blanket hoodies as well.

Soft and plush material blanket hoodieSoftness of a Blanket Hoodie - TheCoories

The most common blanket hoodies are made of a soft, velvety exterior and a warm sherpa fleece-like interior—the best combination of softness and warmth, according to us.

2. Oversized & One-size-fits-all

Wearable blankets are roomy to keep you covered in any position, whether sitting, laying down, or moving around. 

Being oversized also makes them one-size-fits-all to fit anyone from men, women, and kids.  There is no need to measure yourself or try them out first. 

Usually sized around 5-6XL, a blanket hoodie will fit you for sure.

3. Versatile

Blanket hoodies, or hooded blankets, usually have a hood to keep your head warm and a useful pocket for your snacks, cell phone, and more. Depending on the model, the size of the hood and the pocket may vary.

blanket hoodie pocket for snacks

These features make those wearable blankets more useful and versatile than blankets. 

With your blanket hoodie, you’ll be able to move around, go for a walk, run errands, enjoy a campfire, and more.

4. Stylish, Fashionable, and Cool!

Those big blanket hoodies are also fashionable. YES! 

They come in various designs that are funny, stylish, and relatable. Do you like hot dogs, pandas, avocado toasts? Well, you can now show the world that you love them.

New Designs cool blanket hoodies at TheCooriesNew Upcoming Designs at TheCoories.ca

Again the design availability will depend on the blanket hoodie brand you decide to choose.

What is sure is that you can share fun and colorful moments with your friends during a movie night or a blanket hoodie party!

5. Perfect Gift

Blanket hoodies are also a perfect gift for almost all occasions.

It can be:

  • A great Mother's Day gift for a mom who always has cold

  • A great Father's Day gift for a funny dad

  • A perfect attention to your always cold girlfriend or boyfriend

  • Cool gifts for your friends - the gang!

blanket-hoodie-packagingMany blanket hoodies come with a ribbon - Perfect for gifts

You just need to find the perfect design for the person you're giving it to, and you'll become their hero!

When To Use Your Blanket Hoodie

Movie Night with blanket hoodieExciting movie!? - But better with a blanket hoodie!

The unfiltered answer is anytime! So you can wear your blanket hoodie on many occasions:

  • When you wake up on a cold morning and want to bring the coziness and warmth out of your bed with you;

  • When you are battling over the thermostat with your parents or your loved one;

  • When you want to do a quick nap and fall asleep faster - It’s easy with the comfort your blanket hoodie can give you;

  • When you feel down and need a soft and comforting hug;

  • When you are going to a sleepover/movie night with friends - You can all wear your funny blanket hoodies to have fun in style;

  • Or when you are sitting beside a fire camp during your camping vacation.

Our favorite answer is anytime, anywhere, so you can just live in your blanket hoodie!

Who Are Blanket Hoodies For?

Many people are already enjoying having a blanket hoodie, and we are pretty sure anyone can enjoy having one.

But we have seen some recurring characteristics among the oversized blanket hoodie fans.

The Always Cold Club 🥶

People who should get a blanket hoodie are often the ones who claim to be always cold. 

If you always get that look from people around you saying: “My gosh, how can you be cold? I am so hot!” Then, you can be a great candidate for a blanket hoodie. 

Ever battle over the thermostat settings with someone? Yep, then your blanket hoodie could help you put an end to this endless battle.

The Blanket Addicts Club

Now, just by reading this subtitle, you can already recognize if it’s you.

People who have a ton of blankets around in the house, living room, or their bedroom are also most likely to enjoy a blanket hoodie deeply.

As explained above, a blanket hoodie is a blanket you can wear and move around with. So if you are a blanket lover, there is no way you won’t enjoy a wearable blanket hoodie.

The “IT’S SO SOFT” Club

Have you ever seen that scene in the movie Despicable me when the little girl receives a plush unicorn and screams: “It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!”?

Your reaction trying a blanket hoodie for the first time!

Exactly! That is the feeling you’ll get by touching and trying on a blanket hoodie. So if you love soft, comfortable, plushy things, you are in for a treat with a hooded blanket!

Alright, so we covered a lot about blanket hoodies. We weren’t sure we could say that much about them! So now the question remains, will you get a blanket hoodie for yourself or as a gift for a loved one? 

TheCoories is a Canadian brand of blanket hoodies always looking to provide you stellar customer support, fast delivery, and unique new designs! 

Feel free to hop in our shop and check some of our designs! Also, enjoy our first-timer discount!

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