About Us

TheCoories is the first Canadian brand of oversized blanket hoodies!

Our mission is to make you experience a cozy lifestyle where you take time for yourself!

Today's reality makes us more stressed and anxious than ever, always running around.

What if we normalize rest and self-care?

It is ok to stop and do nothing for a day. When you feel overwhelmed, it is your sign to stop and relax.

TheCoories blanket hoodies

As we are starting our journey with you, we aim at providing stellar customer service with quick replies and to resolve any issues in a timely and satisfying way!

Wenow ship from our Quebec warehouse to deliver our Coories hooded blankets faster to Canadians.

Our Coories blanket hoodies are designed in Canada and made in China, but selected with the highest standard of quality that every Canadian deserves!


Happy Cuddling!

Catherine Bernier, Owner

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